Cookery Workshop – Ferments and Zymology

Date: 21 Sep 2024
Time: 10:00 - 14:00
Location: Worton Kitchen Garden - Glasshouse
Cookery Workshop

Join Chef Simon for a hands on workshop exploring Zymology – the art of fermentation. As the harvest here at Worton should be in full swing, we will explore the rationale and methods involved in this ancient form of preservation.

Fermentation was always key to preserving the abundance of harvest to ensure that “fresh”local produce was available throughout the winter. For our farm this imperative is clear but, as research from Tim Spector and others has increasingly illustrated, eating pre- and pro-biotic foods as a material part of our diet may well be key to a healthy and happy biome. More importantly, these fresh, live pickles are a delicious and appetising addition to many winter dishes!

We will explore the equipment and methods required, the fruit and vegetables most suitable and the timings and protocols to ensure success. The centrepiece of the workshop will be making your own Kimchi and Sauerkraut. Arguably two of the most iconic global ferments, you will learn each step of the process and will go home with a traditional earthenware pot of your own ferment.

Following the workshop, you will have an opportunity to taste a seasonal lunch with Simon

Simon Spence, a lifelong food and drink enthusiast, turned his attention to cooking in 2012, following a career in the city across property, insurance and computers. Crystallised on a childhood trip to Perpignan, Simon’s passion began on trips to the market in search of the freshest and ripest produce, and was revisited when he began teaching himself new techniques and cuisines, with influences including Simon Hopkinson and Rowley Leigh.

Joining Worton as Baker in 2017, he transformed the bread, viennoiserie and cake offering. He also took on the role of Chief Zymologist, fermenting grains, fruit and vegetables ensuring the year round availability of produce on our regenerative, closed-loop farm. In 2019 Simon took the opportunity to buy the farm and relaunched as “Worton Kitchen Garden”