Menu 28 October 2022

Piedmontese Peppers
Worton Pickles with Rye (PB)
Ribollito (PB)
Artichoke with Hollondaise (V)
Pear, Endive, Walnut and Stichelton Salad (V)

Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato and Lovage Salad (V)
Melanzane Alle Parmigiana (V)
Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry (PB)
Braised Endive, Prosciutto and Cheese
Roast Plaice, Charlotte Potatoes and Chard
Rabbbit with Mustard Sauce and Watercress
Cornish Cock Crab
Sticky Venison Ribs
Monkfish, Pancetta and Beluga Lentils

Sides: Spicy Coleslaw, Watercress Salad, Charlotte Potatoes

Tarte Tatin
Blueberry Frangipane
Bounty Cake (GF)
East End Cheesecake
Vanilla, Chocolate Cookie or Banana Ice Cream
Mirabelle Sorbet (PB)