This Week’s Menu

Worton Pickles with Rye (PB)
Artichoke with Hollandaise (V)
Panzanella (PB)
Worton Bean Salad (V)
Cuore Del Vesuvio Tomatoes, Labneh and Lovage (V)

Worton Mezze with Flatbread and Cruditees (PB)
Melanzane Alle Parmigiane (V)
Goan Fish Curry
Roast Plaice with Jersey Royals and French Beans
Cornish Cock Crab
Szechuan Style Longhorn beef with Rice

Worton’s Pedigree Saddleback
Spicy Tuscan Fennel or Chorizo Sausages with Chickpeas
Smoked Bacon Chop with Lentils
18 Hour Roast Shoulder, Carolus Potatoes, Chard (Sunday Only)

Blueberry Frangipane
Bounty Cake (GF)
Peach and MInt Pavlova
Pink Grapefruit and Pistachio Cake (GF)
East End Cheesecake
Double Vanilla or Peach Ripple Ice Creams, Strawberry or Elderflower Sorbet