A Michaelmas Goose?

Many of you have enjoyed watching the Geese growing over the last 3 months – from the furry little grey goslings we bought in June to fine, white adult Geese – our Embdens have grown strong.

It is, however, Michaelmas tomorrow, the feast of St Michael, the September Quarter Day and the day on which Elizabeth 1st was so delighted to receive notification, while dining on Goose, of the final destruction of the Spanish Armada that she reportedly decreed all English folk should henceforward commemorate the happy day by eating a Roast Goose!.

This story may well be apocryphal but the tradition of eating a “green” goose on Michaelmas goes back, perhaps a thousand years – that, at least, is the supposed age of the Nottingham Goose Fair, held in the week of Michaelmas since the time of the Vikings and named for the thousands of Geese that were walked to Nottingham from the rich grasslands of the Fens.  The other name for Michaelmas Geese – “green” Geese referring not to the colour of the animals but to their diet – these birds were tender and tasty from the grass and greenery they, like ours, had fed on all summer but had not yet put on their distinctive layer of fat from eating stored grains in the run up to Christmas.

So then, we have the first of our birds on the menu this weekend – a Stuffed Goose Neck on the menu from tomorrow and as a full Roast with Potato and Sage Stuffing, Apple Sauce and Red Cabbage on Sunday.  We will be serving individual portions but we have a limited amount.  Anyone wanting a full bird Roast for their table’s Centrepiece will need to book ahead!

Lots of apples too this week – way more than we need for the apple sauce above!  Mountains of crisp, sweet sour, dessert and cooking apples from this week on through Christmas!

Do come and join us for a bite to eat or to buy some of the wonderful produce in our shop over the coming days.  

The whole team look forward to welcoming you for breakfast, lunch or dinner.