Anyone for Supper?

Dragons again this week as we launch our new Supper club – we will be holding our first dinner on Friday 1st March – St Davids Day.

Held on the first Friday of each month, our new Supper club will highlight a different ingredient or product each month.  The aim is to produce exciting, new dishes with our seasonal produce or to showcase the best of our local suppliers and their produce.  Each meal will be a four course set menu and seating will be “communal” on refectory style tables.  Everyone will leave the evening with an ingredient box and a recipe card so that they can reproduce one of the dishes at home.

For our first evening, we are delighted to welcome Will Spray who rears the Cotswold Lions we have all been enjoying for the last few weeks.  The meal will be built around the last side of Cotswold Lion that we still have together with our own Leeks and Duckets Caerphilly Cheese.  So a thoroughly Welsh menu for St Davids Day! .

Will plans to give a brief talk about the Lions and why be breeds them and will also talk about why this may be the last time we can taste these wonderful animals… Our last “local” family run abattoir at Long Compton has just closed its doors.  The loss of local, family run, high-welfare abattoirs is set to have a very destructive effect on small scale, ethical animal producers like ourselves and Will.  Animal welfare is key to how we farm and minimising travel times for our animals is really important.  So important indeed that a group of local farmers have come together to raise the money required to buy Long Compton and keep it functioning.

As part of our effort to assist, all Diners will leave with a box of Lamb, Leeks and vegetables to the value of £20 of which £10 will be donated to the fund – we do hope you will be able to join us.  For anyone who can’t make the evening but does want to understand more or to contribute, here is a link.

Another biblical flood this morning – 2 inches of water in the shop and library and 3 “springs” in the glass house at dawn but the team has pulled together and worked feverishly.  All is now well though you may wish to wear some sturdy or, at least, water proof shoes if you are visiting us today!

The whole team look forward to welcoming you to the farm over the weekend.