Beautiful flowers again – the first of our tulips!

The very first of our tulips were picked last weekend – and the displays will grow over the coming weeks as the thousands of autumn planted bulbs come to the fore. Those of you who have been visiting the farm have been able to watch the shoots grow over the last months and at last the bounty of beautiful flowers has started.

From Cornwall we have been lucky to get some fish and seafood despite the storms which have once again been lashing the Channel. This week we have large Hake fillets, Mackerel and Skate wings together with Wild Mussels, Native Oysters, and Scallops.

Following the success of our Ingredients Box last week, we have more ideas this week. As well as the Ultimate Pizza Ingredients Box we also have a Thai Mussels Box with the ingredients you will need to recreate our Thai Mussel dish – Mussels, Fish Sauce, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Chilli and Coriander together with Coconut milk and of course a bottle of delicious white wine to drink with the meal or to steady the cook’s hand during preparation!

We are still serving takeaway Coffees, Teas and Hot Chocolate. Why not grab a cup with a cookie or a slice of cake and have a wander round the garden? There’s plenty to see as signs of new growth are everywhere.

We hope to see you over the next few days.

This Week’s Bakery Menu:

Mushroom and Wild Garlic Quiche
Spicy Crown Prince Soup

Bergamot Lemon Tart
Pink Grapefruit and Pistachio Cake
Salted Rye Chocolate Cookies
Eccles Cakes
Tarte Tatin
East End Cheesecake