Crisp autumn sunshine and stunning Dahlias

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter after a long summer break. Many of you know that I have been quite ill over the last couple of months and unable to keep you up to date about developments on the farm and what fruit and vegetables are in season. I am now back at work and looking forward to an exciting and productive autumn. On a personal note, many thanks for all the kind thoughts – your support is much appreciated.

It’s always hard to know when the end of our summer crops has arrived but it must be soon. Although there are no signs of frost yet, the sun is fading and we are almost at the end of the abundant tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, padrons and chillis. This may be the last week too for the glorious Dahlias that have been such a feature in the cutting garden over the last couple of months – do come and collect a bunch or order online for delivery before the season ends.

As the season changes we are slowly moving to an autumn menu of richer more warming dishes. Game has been featuring as our poacher is have a successful Autumn. This weekend we have some succulent Muntjac deer – first we have a delicious Chilli Con Carne made with the shoulder meat and then we will be serving roast haunch on Sunday. If you do fancy the haunch, please let me know ahead of time so I can roast it to order for you – each haunch would make an excellent roast for 4-5 people and will be served with roast Alouette potatoes, pickled Quetsch plums and sprouting broccoli.

Excellent fresh fish arriving from Cornwall tomorrow morning – we will have Plaice, Mackerel and Monkfish for sale in the shop as wet fish or on the menu in the restaurant.

Finally, we are delighted to announce the first ever births on the farm – our pedigree Saddleback sow, Cleopatra, gave birth to 11 piglets last Sunday night. Anyone visiting the farm this week is welcome to visit the very cute new borns – probably best to take some windfall apples to placate Mum!

We look forward to welcoming you to the farm again this week, whether you come to shop, to breakfast, to lunch or, on Friday or Saturday, for dinner.