New life all around us!

Of course it’s hard to remember on the cold, grey damp days, but Spring is already upon us – across the farm signs of life are everywhere. Our wondrous Mirabelles are in full blossom – always the first ghostly white in the hedgerows. The hedgerows themselves – bald and lank all winter after they were “layered” in the Autumn – are coming back to life and will soon be full of leaves and birds and blossoms. The Hawthorn buds are bursting open – tiny green leaves unfurling – did you know that are delicious? You have to eat the just opened leaves before they harden off.In the Seed House, thousands of seedlings are on the move. Thrusting towards the weak spring sun and growing each day – the first have already been planted out in the glasshouses. Kohl Rabi and Caraflex cabbage are in the ground and hundreds more will follow – new trays of seeds are planted every day.Two things to draw to your attention this week: firstly, we have a great offer of £15 for 6 bottles on our delicious Apple Juice. These are the last bottles from the previous years juice and we want to clear the shelves so that we can take delivery of the new juice from last years bumper harvest! Secondly, we have acceded to your requests and are open for dinner this Saturday evening – two sittings as normal at 6pm and 8pm – you can book the tables online or give us a call. We will be serving a full menu and you can book a table by clicking the button below as normal.Slim pickings again at Newlyn this week so no shellfish or fish for the shop though we do have Hake and Monkfish on the menu in the restaurant. We do hope to see you over the coming days