Online Shop Open – 20th May

Welcome to our weekly email – the weekend’s new stock has been updated online and you are now able to order all your favourites and a few new additions.

On the seafood side, we have even more variety this week: stunning crabs and lobsters, whole plaice and fillets of pollack.  We were only able to source a limited number of crabs and lobsters so you will need to order quickly. Each should be a good size and they are due to arrive with us, live and kicking, on Thursday afternoon.  When ordering please indicate in the comments box whether you would like larger or smaller specimens and whether you want to take delivery alive or cooked!

The plaice are whole fish around 500g each – delicate flesh with a sweet flavour.  Very easy to cook – I suggest seasoning both sides, searing in butter to colour, roasting for 5 minutes in a medium-hot oven, resting for two minutes and serving with a squeeze of lemon.  One of my favourite fish and in perfect shape right now!

Fresh produce from our own gardens this week:

  • Our first beetroot.  Don’t miss out on the leaves – a delicious alternative to spinach!
  • Just-picked carrots by the bunch
  • Baby Artichokes
  • Fresh Herbs – Parsley, Coriander, Dill and Mint
  • Spring Onions
  • New Season Spinach and Chard
  • Spring Greens

Many of you have already responded to our questionnaire. Some really interesting feedback – we are working on making many of the changes suggested. We are still very keen to hear you thoughts so the questionnaire remains live. Anyone who hasn’t respond yet or indeed anyone who wants to add more comments, please let us know what you think of what we have done so far, whether it’s working well, what could be improved. We’re also keen to hear your suggestions for what else we could be selling though the online shop?

The farm will be open our usual lockdown hours this weekend – 10 till 4pm on Friday and Saturday and 10 till 2pm on Sunday.  We look forward to welcoming you whether you are using Click and Collect or shopping in person.

Of course we all have to adhere to strict social distancing rules:

  • Everyone will need to sanitize their hands before coming into the shop
  • Only one customer in the shop at any time
  • The queue (if we’re busy) will be spaced at 2m intervals (we’ll set out chairs to make this more comfortable!)
  • No cash payments will be accepted – only cards

We will also be offering a delivery service as usual from Friday to Tuesday.