The return of the Globes …

Always a joyous marker of summer when the Artichokes return!  So, delicious Globe Artichokes served with Hollandaise together with our own Strawberries in a Pavlova.  If we’re lucky, we may also have some belated heat to help celebrate Mid-Summer!

Lots of fresh pork on the menu again this week as 2 of our Saddlebacks had their day trip to Stroud. Many of you have asked how we have been getting on with our transition to the new abattoir.  Although the trip is a bit longer than to Long Compton, the signs so far are really good – this is a small, organic, family run operation where the animals seem reasonably relaxed.  This matters not only for the animal welfare aspects but because it vastly improves the quality of the meat we get back.  As anyone who has eaten the sausages or 18 hour roast shoulder recently is aware, the meat is just getting better and better.

So four sides of pork back for butchery this week.  Firm purple flesh and a generous covering of fat mean the meat should be tender and tasty.  We will be making sausages, both Country Style and Spicy Tuscan Fennel, Smoked Bacon, Country Pate, Scratchings  and lots of Szechuan Style Sticky Ribs this weekend.  If you would like a particular cut of pork to take home, do email and let me know – where possible we will cut joints specially for you.

A warm, balmy weekend – we hope!  Perfect weather to visit the farm shop, to dine or perhaps for a sparkling cocktail. Whichever option you choose, we look forward to welcoming you over the coming days.