The trees are heavy with fruit

We are now in full harvest mode for apples and pears. Most of the fruits are reaching perfect ripeness and we will have a wide selection available in the shop.

Many of you know Rupert at Tiddly Pommes. For several years, Rupert has been the chap responsible for pressing and bottling our apple juice – mostly delicious blends of juice of varying sweetness. This year we are working with him to identify accurately more of our trees and to start putting together a comprehensive map of the orchard. We hope this will enable Rupert to produce a wider range of single varietal apple juices to properly reflect the full range of heritage fruit trees we have at the farm. If anyone has a good knowledge of rare apple varieties, we would be delighted to hear from you. Any help in pulling together a definitive map and identification of the trees would be much appreciated – reward will of course be in the form of our delicious apple juices!

Although it is perhaps a month away till these new juices will be available, we are keen to make space for what promises to be another bumper harvest. We are selling the remaining 2020 apple juice bottles at a steep discount both in the shop and online over the next couple of weeks. Individual bottles will be reduced to £3 whilst cases of 6 will be on sale at £15

From Cornwall, we have Lobsters, Plaice, Mackerel, Cuttlefish and Monkfish.

Do come and join us for some wonderful food over the coming days.