Time for the Bitter Leaves …

It’s the time of year to revel, once again, in the palette cleansing, bitter Continental Salad Leaves such as Radicchio, Chicory, Endive and, perhaps best of all, Puntarelle. Coming into their prime just when our palettes are starting to get a little jaded, these treats offer a crisp, acerbic boost to any meal. We will be serving Punterelle alla Romana – crisp, julienned slivers cut from the central “fingers” of the Puntarelle and tossed in an Anchovy and Seville Orange Vinaigrette. If you are buying one of these unusual salad heads, you shouldn’t waste the outer Dandelion-like leaves which are great in a stir-fry, wilted in a lentil dish or torn up in a green salad.
Last week, the Cornish cock crabs were fantastic – large claws full of white meat and, unusually, lots of rich brown meat to mix with our Sorrel Mayonnaise – so good that we had to have more! Cock Crabs together with Scallops, Hake and Cuttlefish are on their way up from Newlyn and should be on the menu tomorrow lunchtime.

We do hope to see you over the coming days