About The Shop

Our shop is where we get to exhibit the fruits (and vegetables) of our labours. We love the  way they look: the colours, forms and textures are all appealing even before you smell them, and as for the taste…!

The range of vegetables is enormous and varies year by year. We experiment with new varieties from around the world and are always looking for new and old, heritage varieties which we grow for flavour intensity. We have no interest in speed growing high volumes of single varieties but prefer to grow everything slowly in a natural way to emphasise the flavours and nutrient density.

We also source organic and low intervention supplies from local farms. For the occasional out-of-season treat or crops which just don’t grow in this country we trust Natoora to source from low intervention traditional farmers like ourselves. Seville Oranges, Spanish Avocados, sublime Italian Musk Melons or even the occasional Alphonso Mango – all are supplied at perfect ripeness by Natoora.


We are now selling our own home made Organic bread.

Rye Sourdough, White & Wholemeal Sourdough, and every week another Special.