Burns Night 2020

Burns Night – Veganuary
Whisky Tasting – Professor of Philosophy
and More Gastrophysics

Hello and a Very Happy New Year from David, Simon and the team at Worton.

Although it doesn’t seem like nearly a month since we closed the doors, the year is racing onwards, the days are getting longer (well, a little!), the restaurant is open again this weekend and we are just prepping for the growing season ahead.   In the orchard, David is getting ahead with the pruning for the year and we have, this week, started sowing seeds for what we hope will be another bumper harvest year.  In the kitchen, Simon is preparing new dishes to highlight the range of our vegetables and to tempt you into eating the abundant game we took delivery of during the autumn.

The restaurant is open as normal tomorrow and we hope to welcome many of you over the weekend for coffees, croissants and perhaps even a little more to eat!  We will be running a full menu but focusing particularly on plant based dishes so that even the most ardent Veganuary adherents will be able to join us!  There will be a full vegan menu alongside an occasional fleshy treat.  Wild partridge and home-reared rare bread pork will definitely be on the menu as well lots of pumpkin and pulses.  

We also wanted to let you know that we are putting together an exciting range of events to carry on the Worton Nights series.  In February we will be holding a talk with tutored tasting on the history of beer highlighting different styles, local breweries and some exciting food/beer combinations. Toward the end of the month, we will be holding a similar wine tasting.  We have also invited Charles Spence back for a 3rd sitting of his entertaining and exciting talk on Gastrophysics – the new science of taste.  Full details of these evenings will come out in an email next week.

First up, however, is our inaugural Burns Night Supper next Saturday evening, 25th January.  This should be a great start to the year and a great excuse for some delicious food washed down with a certain amber liquid…  As well as a handsome haggis which is being made for us by the world famous Montrose butchers Bels, we are delighted to have secured the company of Barry Smith, professor of philosophy at The Institute of Philosophy in London.  Barry is an expert on neuroscience and the senses and is a regular (and witty) contributor to Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet – he recently presented a series called The Uncommon Senses.  Barry is going to do a more detailed dive into sensory perception later in the spring but for Burns Night he’s has very kindly agreed to read a few verses in honour of the haggis and to do a guided whiskey tasting.

We will be running a full traditional Scottish menu on the evening but will be including various delicious vegetarian options for the those of a more “delicate” disposition.  Tickets for the evening to include dinner, the talk and tastings will be £45 per head.  Barry is an interesting and witty presenter and we hope to have a full house for our first evening in the 2020 Worton Nights series.  If you are interested in joining us please email to [email protected] or speak to David or Simon.