Lengthening days and hints of Spring warmth


Lots of new items from Italy this week. Cime di Rapa, Pomegranates, Quince, Bergamot Lemons and my favourite, Puntarelle. A delicious winter salad – Puntarelle or Cicoria de Catalogna has light green stems in a heart surrounded by leaves shaped like dandelions. This is a favourite dish in Rome where they blanch the initially bitter … Read more

A celebration of seafood this Valentine’s Weekend

Lots of seafood from Cornwall this week!  Sweet, delicate whole Plaice for roasting, Skate wings to serve with brown butter and capers or plump, juicy Mussels.   For those looking to celebrate with a special meal, we have two stress-free possibilities this Valentine’s Weekend… The amorous might try our fabulous, native Fal oysters (pictured above) a real treat on … Read more

Delicious Winter Greens from the farm this week

Lots of winter greens this week. Cavolo Nero, Kale, Spinach, Chard and, of course, lots of wonderful Cabbage. My particular favourite at the moment is the wondrous January King (picture above) but we have white, red and sweetheart cabbages as well. Anyone feeling they need a tonic of minerals and vitamin C – these really … Read more