Calcotada and Albondigas

An exciting new crop this weekend – Calcots!

Beloved of Catalunians, these wonderful Spring vegetables are now ready to pick here at the farm. We will have them on the menu char-grilled, piping hot and served with a luscious Romesco sauce. In flavour a cross between a Spring Onion and a leek, the unusual veg are grown by replanting last years old onions. The new shoots grow direct from the old onion and all we do is mound up the mulch to blanch the first few inches of stem. A quick clean and then on to the grill to char the outside and almost steam the interior – the result a delicious sweet mess to be eaten with Romesco sauce.

On the fish side, we will have the Seabass Bourride again together with Goan Fish Curry

There are still tickets available for our Easter Saturday concert – Jazz with The Oxley Meier Guitar Project. Details for this event and the subsequent Worton Night Series are now available on the website and on Eventbrite where you can buy tickets.

We look forward to welcoming you to the farm again this weekend.