Figs from the Glasshouse and Mirabelles from the Hedgerow

The weather may be quite changeable this weekend but the fruit is racing towards its mid-summer peak and we have more arrivals – lots more reasons to visit!

For the first time in a couple of years, our Marseille Fig is fruiting in the large glasshouse.  Green on the outside, white on the inside, meltingly soft and utterly delicious, you shouldn’t miss this moment.

In the hedgerows, the Mirabelles are coming into their own.  A traditional plum from the Alsace region of France, these are really special plums – much smaller than ordinary dessert plums but with sweet flesh enclosed in tangy, sour skin they are a delicious treat before the main stone fruit crop comes in.  Always the first blossoms in our hedgerows in the Spring, fruiting can be erratic as they are so early that they risk frost damage. This year we were lucky with the frost and the trees are fruiting well – particularly those in the hedgerow that runs down the side of the main pig enclosure – clearly the trees have benefited from additional, and generously supplied, fertilisation!  The fruits will be around for a few weeks – first the red fruits then the golden and finally purple plums – this should take us to the beginning of August and our first cultivated plums.

More new birds this week with the arrival of Aylesbury Ducklings, Cream Leghorn Chicks, Copper Marans and Guinea Fowl Keets – do come and say hello to our new arrivals.  Although we are planning to breed the different birds over the coming year, these guys have all arrived from elsewhere.  Closer to home, one of our Middlewhites (one of those who couldn’t wait for the imminent arrival of our prize-winning Middlewhite pedigree boar!) gave birth to 4 new piglets on Monday morning. About the size of a water bottle currently, these guys are really cute!

The whole team look forward to greeting you over the coming days.