New arrivals on the farm this week…

Almost at the very middle of this ice cold winter, when everything around is dormant, we have new life. Dolly our “beautiful” Middlewhite sow arrived in late September and although we knew she was “in pig” we didn’t know the dates. It is traditionally said that gestation for pigs is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days but as we didn’t know precisely when she ran with the boar we had to guess when she would farrow. Late Tuesday afternoon, we noticed she had made a large nest and Wednesday morning we arrived to find 5 new piglets alive, kicking and feeding vigourously. Arnald and the whole team here are delighted with this early Christmas present!

Lots of delicious food on the menu this weekend and we hope to see many of you in the shop or the restaurant over the next week or so running up too Christmas Eve. We will be open normal hours all next week including the evening of the 24th before we close for our mid-winter break. Many apologies for changing our opening hours at this late notice but the rolling strikes, particularly the rail strikes, have made it impossible to staff the farm between Christmas and the New Year. For anyone who has made a booking for that week, we will be in touch individually to offer alternative dates and a Gift Voucher by way of apology.

As a reminder, both the shop and the restaurant will now be closed from 11pm 24th December and will re-open 10am Wednesday 25th January.

In the meantime we will remain open and will stock the shop with wonderful Christmas presents, sweetmeats and Fruit and Vegetables. Everything will be available both for in person shoppers (who may also be offered a Quince Pie as a thank you from the WKG team) or for Delivery up until Christmas Eve.

We look forward to greeting you at the farm over the next 9 days!