The forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden?

After all the delicious apples, it is the season of the quince!

There are so many myths about this beautiful fruit. Some believe it to be the Forbidden Fruit from the Garden of Eden, others suggest it was a quince awarded as a prize by Helen to Athene which triggered the Trojan War. What we do know is that this much misunderstood fruit originates from the Caucusus and Persia and that it’s scent is heavenly…

Eastern, exotic and, above all, perfumed, you should definitely have one or two in your fruit bowl if only for the warming scent that will pervade any room as the fruits ripen.

Once you’re ready to eat them, they can be cooked either alone or to enhance any cooked apple dish. Apple and quince sauce, for instance, makes an irresistible accompaniment to autumn roasts such as pork or duck. If you can wait that long, it is also a perfect tracklement to serve with a Christmas goose!

This weekend, we will be serving Honey and Bay Poached Quince with our Double Vanilla Ice Cream and a Spiced Quince Sauce as an accompaniment to the 24 hour roast pork.

Some of those who ate the delicious Water Deer steaks last weekend doubted the existence of such an oddly named beast. Here’s an image of the animal in its natural habitat – reedbeds and marshes. Introduced as decorative species to stately homes in the 19th century, some escaped and established colonies across the southern UK. Like the similarly sized Muntjac, these deer will never win prizes for their looks but they are very good eating! No steaks left this weekend but we will be serving sticky ribs in a “Chinese” style and a Water Deer Vindaloo for those feeling brave!

Our Menu for This Weekend:

Pork Scratchings and Belle de Boscoop Apple Sauce
Wood Roast Worton Pepper Bruschetta (PB)
Pickled Hubbard Pumpkin (PB)

Autumn Minestrone Soup with Pesto (V)
Worton Pork Pate with Rye toasts and pickles
Mushroom, Creme Fraiche and Thyme Quiche with Worton Salads(V)
Grilled Cornish Sardines with Watercress and Tomatillo Salsa
Scallops with Confit Garlic
Linguine Alle Vongole
Thai Style Crab and Tomatillo Salad
24 hour Roast Worton Pork with Fennel and Spiced Quince Sauce
Sticky Chinese Water Deer Ribs with Rice
Venison Vindaloo with Pickles

Green Salad (PB)
Tomatillo Salad (PB)

Honey and Bay Poached Quince with Vanilla Ice Cream (GF)
Pink Grapefruit and Pistachio Cake (GF)
Loganberry Frangipane
East End Cheesecake
Worton Monarch Apple Tarte Tatin
Rosewater & Pistachio Meringue with Jersey Cream and Spiced Plums
A selection of homemade ice creams and sorbets