Wonderful Winter Alliums – Calcots, Aillettes and Onions

Lots of alliums on the menu this week.  Firstly the unusual but delicious Calcots – a favourite in Catalonia.  Indeed, due to the frosts this winter, the Calcots we have on the menu are from Spain this week.  Charred on the griddle so the outer skins are black and the hearts meltingly sweet, we serve them in a very traditional manner with Romesco sauce.  Also a fixture of our winter menu is our luxurious French Onion Soup with Sourdough Croutons and Toasted Cheese – just the thing to warm the cockles if the weather turns cooler this weekend!  Finally, our fist picking of Aillettes – Baby or Spring Garlic – which we will be serving lightly steamed to accompany our home made Bacon Chops.

This month’s Saddlebacks still feature heavily on the menu as we have unctuous Rillettes as a starter, the Bacon Chops and a fiery Pork Shoulder Vindaloo as mains.  On Sunday, we will again be serving 24 hour Roast Pork Shoulder with Catalogna, Roast Alouette Potatoes and Pickled Crab Apples.

As I write this email, we hope that Yarnton Road will be open to single lane traffic before the weekend.  Of course, no one can be certain and works may run over into next week.  If this happens, and until the road is open, those approaching the farm from the A40/Cassington or from the Bladon/Long Hanborough directions will be able to get to us.  If you approaching from the East or from Oxford, your best option is to take the A40 towards Eynsham and turn right at the Cassington lights.

Our full menu for the week is set out below – we look forward to greeting you in the shop or in the restaurant.