This Week’s Menu

So a full roster of Worton Nights over the next few months..

First is the Wine Tasting with our friends from Mas Gabriel in the Languedoc. This event is next Friday evening and there are still a few tickets available. The format will be of a tutored tasting with each of 6 wines paired with delicious Worton food. Click below to secure your place.

Next up is a Thanksgiving Banquet on Thursday 23rd November. Many of you have been admiring our heritage Red Bourbon Turkeys as they filled out from bizarrely ugly poults to full grown birds. We plan to keep one of the toms and a couple of hens to breed a small flock next year but for the rest the time is nigh! Bred in Kentucky in the late 1900s, the bird which was formerly known as both Kentucky Red and Butternut Bourbon is now recognised in the Slow Food Movement’s Arc of Taste as being a delicious if endangered bird. Our Thanksgiving Banquet will be centered around these handsome birds and will also feature our spectacular pumpkins. Click here to book your place.

Finally for 2023, my brother, Professor Charles Spence, returns on Saturday 9th December for a festive version of Gastrophysics. An evening of talking, eating and gastronomic experiments – this is always great fun. Tickets and more details are here.

For this coming “autumnal” weekend we have some succulent Coq au Vin, tasty Rabbit with Mustard and more plump sweet Mussels from St Austell. The team have been gathering and chopping wood all week so, whatever the weather throws at us, we’ll make it welcoming and cosy inside.

The whole team look forward to welcoming you.