This Week’s Menu

Artichoke with Hollandaise (V)

Roast Tomato Bruschetta (PB)

Endive, Pear, Stichelton and Walnut Salad (V)

Cream of Celery Soup (V)

Worton Mezze with Flatbread and Cruditees (PB)

Melanzane Alle Parmigiana (V)

Coco Beans with Polenta (V)

Roast Plaice with Charlottes and Green Beans

Goan Fish Curry with Rice

Thai Mussels with Rice

Provencal Fish Soup with Rouille

Rabbit with Mustard

Coq Au Vin

Worton’s Pedigree Saddleback

Rillettes with Pickled Mirabelle

Salt Pork with Lentils

18hr Roast Shoulder with Apple Sauce (Sunday Only)

Raspberry Frangipane

Pink Grapefruit and Pistachio Cake (GF)

Mirabelle Pavlova

Tarte Tatin

Double Vanilla Ice Cream, or Musk Melon Sorbet

Stichelton with Celery