Glorious pumpkins this week

Do you call them Winter Squash or Pumpkin?  Does it depend on the colour of their flesh, the smoothness of their skins? Actually, no one seems to agree.  There is not even a consensus on the etymology of the word Pumpkin.  The OED claims it is derived from the Ancient Greek πέπων (pepōn) meaning melon.  Others believe it to be a borrowing from the Wôpanâak dialect of Massachusetts – pôhpukun – meaning “grows forth round” – and that this was the word used when the Pilgrim Fathers were first introduced to the pumpkin.  Certainly the alternate word – Squash – is derived from the Native American/Massachusett word askútasquash.  

Whatever the etymology or correct name, everyone does agree that Winter Squashes or Pumpkins were native to North America and one of the earliest domesticated plants – there is evidence of their cultivation from up to 7000BC!

Although not a perfect year for growing pumpkins, our crop is now in and we have plenty of delicious Pumpkins for sale this Halloween weekend.  From delicate Gem Squash, through the sweeter Butternuts and Uchi Kuri to the mighty (well not so big this year actually) Crown Prince and Hubbards, we have the full range in the shop.  In the restaurant, we will have Butternuts served as a Confit with Mustard Sauce and the very last of 2022’s Crown Prince as part of the Pickles plate.

For anyone who hasn’t yet booked a seat at the Mas Gabriel Wine Tasting / Dinner on 10th November, you might need to move quickly as seats are selling up and only a limited number remain. Full details and tickets for this special evening are available by clicking here

Back to full opening hours this weekend as the Bridge repairs were completed on time and the Yarnton / Cassington road in now re-opened.  No excuse then for not coming to celebrate Halloween by sampling our Autumn menu!

The whole team look forward to welcoming you.