A cultural interlude this week …

A change of format this week as we highlight two exciting artistic “collaborations”

Firstly, we have a new local artist exhibiting in the restaurant. Cassandra Wall a longtime customer and friend of the farm is showing some of her collages. Beautiful images of rural and agricultural landscapes realised in hand-painted silks. All are for sale from the shop and any of the would make a wonderful, individual present this Christmas.

We are also very excited to be collaborating once again with the Oxford Chamber Music Festival whose next series of concerts in support of Ukrainian Musicians runs from 13-17th December.

In support of the event, we are offering our Christmas menu for the discounted price of £30 to anyone who can produce a valid receipt for tickets to one of the concerts. In return, anyone who eats at the farm during the week from 10th to 17th December can use their receipt from here to claim a 15% discount for in-person ticket purchases at the Box Office. A win-win which we hope will incentivise lots of people to venture out to hear one of the wonderful concerts. Meantime, we are talking to Priya about arranging a concert for the Spring/Early summer here at the farm.

Food-wise this week, we have several interesting new pork dishes on the menu. In addition to Crackling with Tomatillo Salsa, we have Ham Hocks with Lentils and Trotter with Vinaigrette. In the background we are curing hams for the festive period and we will be serving Porchetta as part of our Christmas menu. The pork this week is not from our own girls who, as many of you know, are either too small or “in pig” ie pregnant. Instead we have taken delivery of an Oxford Sandy and Black from Tim at Hampton Gay – outdoor raised, pasture fed, fatty and delicious, we hope you enjoy.

We look forward to welcoming you to the farm again this week, whether you come to shop, to breakfast, to lunch or, on Friday or Saturday, for dinner.