An abundance of pork this weekend!

Lots of delicious pork this week from our two over-wintered pigs. Gloucester Old Spot/Oxford and Sandy crosses, these were big pigs – what used to be called bacon pigs rather than porkers.  Covered in a good layer of fat and well-marbled throughout, the meat is delicious – a long way from supermarket pork in any of its guises.

To celebrate the quality of the meat, we are selling several cuts for you to cook at home – we have some rolled shoulder joints for roasting, belly pork, hocks and lots of big juicy chops for sale online or in the shop. We will also have three different kinds of fresh sausages available – Traditional Country Sausages, Italian Fennel and Spicy Chorizo. Remember all our sausages are made with 100% prime pork to which we add only salt, herbs and spices and a little wine – definitely no nitrates, rusk or breadcrumbs!  Finally, our pork will also be featuring on the takeaway menu in our Proper Sausages Rolls and Spicy Ribs.

For those looking for fish, we have fresh Herrings, Pollack Fillets, Fal Native Oysters, Farmed Scallops and Wild Cornish Mussels.  

If you are getting bored cooking every night, why not try one of our Ingredients Boxes?  This week marks the return of the Ultimate Pizza Ingredients Box – Sourdough pizza dough, our own passata, Bayonne Ham, wonderful Buffalo mozzarella together with a range of toppings and a bottle of hearty red wine – a delicious, indulgent meal for four with all you’ll need ready prepped.

We are still serving takeaway Coffees, Teas and Hot Chocolate. Why not grab a cup with a cookie or a slice of cake and have a wander round the garden? There’s plenty to see as signs of new growth are everywhere.  We hope to see you over the next few days. 

This Week’s Bakery Menu:

Mushroom and Wild Garlic Quiche
Worton Sausage Rolls
Roast Tomato Soup
Spicy Ribs

Bergamot Lemon Tart
Pink Grapefruit and Pistachio Cake
Salted Rye Chocolate Cookies
Eccles Cakes
Tarte Tatin
East End Cheesecake