Autumn Nights, Worton Nights

Far shorter days, much cooler air and although the flowers in our gardens are just about holding on, there’s no doubt the season is changing. The leaves are colouring and falling as Autumn progresses and this weekend the clocks go back just to reinforce the feeling of the year closing in.

On the farm there is always hope though – our winter salads and chicories are being planted out, the quinces are picked and being stored till they ripen, and we have just taken delivery of our spring bulb order from The Netherlands. Nearly 20,000 bulbs will be going in to pots, the ground and the glasshouses over the next few weeks.

In the restaurant, the longer evenings are an opportunity to revive our Worton Nights series of talks and entertainments to see us all though the dark days. Details of the first evening events will be published next week but, in the interim, the restaurant will continue to serve dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings right up until Christmas. Do come and join us round the wood-burning stoves in the glasshouse or the Old Cafe for delicious food and wine to ease the boredom of those long winter evenings!

Monkfish is back on the menu this week together with Fal Oysters, Crabs, Scallops, Plaice and Skate wings.

We look forward to welcoming you over the coming days