Another great harvest …

Another fantastic harvest this week – perhaps our best carrots ever – certainly the largest! A testament not just to the industry and skills of Arnald and the team, but also a validation of the new Agro-ecological approach we are taking to our farming. Permanent raised beds, no till, heavy mulching and letting nature do the rest. So far, the results are looking good! If you have visited recently, you will have seen the abundant spinach and chard, the plump fennel bulbs and bitter chicories all in their raised beds. You may have also had the chance to see our newest gardeners at work – the runner ducks are ever bolder and can often be seen out in the field grazing on slugs and their eggs!

In the restaurant this week, we have the very last aubergines of a very successful season. We will be serving them baked with tomatoes, mozzarella and Westcombe Cheddar – a delicious warming dish on a chill autumn day. We also have fantastic Borlotti beans from our second field served on a bed of grilled polenta. From Hampton Gay we have more Longhorn beef and from Cornwall we have more delicious fish and shellfish.

We look forward to welcoming you over the coming days