Its Quetsche time once again…

At last, and more than two weeks later than last year, the Quetsche plums are starting to ripen.  When I checked back to 2020, I realised that we had picked the plums before.the August Bank Holiday.  This year, it has taken this current blast of Mediterranean warmth to soften the fruits.  Many of you already know, and need no convincing, how delicious these plums are – for anyone who hasn’t tasted them, order some online or visit the shop over the next couple of weekends to pick some up.  Oval, purple and with a slight bloom on the skin, the plums are deep mustard yellow inside – importantly the flesh falls off the stone making them easy to eat fresh or prepare for cooking.  It is when they are cooked that their flavour is at its best – the acid tang in the skins is concentrated achieving the perfect balance between sweet and sour.  Come in and collect some or have a slice of our Quetsche Galette in the cafe.

Its not only the plums that are ready to eat this weekend – the shop will once again be full of our own produce.  Dahlias and Sunflowers will jostle with Apples, Pears, Grapes and a multitude of Tomatoes, Beans, Agretti, Padron and so much more.

Fabulous seafood up from Cornwall again.  Stars of the show this week have to be the Lobsters again. At the very peak of their season, this week we have some of the largest native lobsters I’ve ever seen!  We will also be serving Plaice, Sardines, Cuttlefish and Monkfish.

Do come and join us for some wonderful food over the coming days.