New Animals to see at the farm this week

Lots of new workers at the farm this weekend!

You are already aware that we have some wonderful, characterful Saddleback pigs at the farm working on rooting up the perennial weeds in our new field.

As part of our commitment to farming holistically, we are committed to not using any artificial chemicals – not even for slug control! To this end we have been looking round for properly organic methods to control slugs and have come up with some new helpers… Indian Runner Ducks. For anyone who is unfamiliar with these lovable ducks, you will be surprised how elongated their bodies are and at the speed with which they can run around. Ideally suited to finding and eating slugs and their eggs, we are hoping that their presence will mark a significant change in how we are able to farm crops which are otherwise vulnerable to slug attack.

Anyone who visited the farm last weekend, will have seen that we are building a new rabbit and duck proof fence around the main vegetable beds between the shop and the chicken shed. Our aim is to open up the duck enclosure so that our new workers have the run of the whole field. Having suffered material damage from slugs and rabbits in this area over the past summer, we hope the new arrangements will not only provide endless entertainment – runner ducks are very endearing – but will also enable us to grow more vulnerable crops such as fennel, beans, kohl rabbi and spinach/chard next year.

We also have some beautiful Guinea fowl keets: currently acclimatising in the Tayberry cage, we are hoping that these beautiful birds will be able to roam freely throughout the farm offering more pest control, intruder alerts and entertainment throughout the winter.

Lots of fresh seafood up from Cornwall again this week – Hen Crabs, Large Brill, Fal Oysters, Cuttlefish and Lobsters.

Do come and join us for some wonderful food over the coming days.