Old English Longhorn Beef from Hampton Gay

This week we have taken delivery of another side of Old English Longhorn beef from our friends up at Hampton Gay farm. Perhaps the most delicious of all the old heritage beef varieties, Longhorns are uniquely well adapted to living outdoor lives, in family groups, eating grass and forage. At Hampton Gay, the cattle are certified “Pasture for Life” meaning no grain or soya is added to their diet – this does mean they grow more slowly than commercial breeds but the results are fantastic – beautifully marbled, tasty meat which is, at the same time, lower in overall fat, lower in saturated fat, higher in Omega 3. All this whilst yielding lower green house gas emissions and forming part of a fully regenerative farming system increasing soil carbon capture and meadowland bio-diversity.

To celebrate, we will be serving the meat 2 ways: Boeuf Bourguignon served with Alouette potatoes on the menu all weekend and, on Sunday, Roast Beef with fresh Horseradish sauce and the trimmings. In order to roast the beef to perfection for your table, we need to serve for at least 4 people – please book a table and then email/phone to confirm that you want us to prepare the beef.

Despite the stormy, turbulent weather off Cornwall this week, we have luckily been able to secure some great fish which will be arriving fresh and glistening tomorrow morning. We will have Cock Crabs, Plaice and Monkfish for sale in the shop as wet fish or on the menu in the restaurant.

We look forward to welcoming you to the farm again this week, whether you come to shop, to breakfast, to lunch or, on Friday or Saturday, for dinner.