Online Shop Open – Weekly Update: 8 April 2020

Another Wednesday, another email update!

Once again there’s a full range of fruit, vegetables, breads and flowers and the online shop has been updated to reflect the new stock.

Highlights this week are the very first of the new season’s Jersey Royals – the most delicious of all new potatoes. We’re very fortunate to have been able to secure us a couple of sacks so early in the season.

Other seasonal vegetables fresh from our own greenhouses include delicious radishes and the unusual Italian green salad, Puntarelle. Slightly bitter in the leaf itself, the stems once soaked in iced water can form the basis of a crisp, punchy salad when dressed with olive oil, black pepper, garlic, lemon juice and anchovy fillets. Puntarelle Alla Romano. A delicious spring salad much favoured in its native Rome.

Following the huge success of our flours and sourdough starters last week, we again have a limited amount of strong bread flour available for purchase. There is an additional allocation available as part of the Mixed Groceries Box which also includes a bar of the most delicious chocolate from our friend Vivienne at Plantation Chocolates – it is Easter after all! If anyone would like extra sourdough starter, please add a note to your order and I will add a small pot if you promise to post a photo of your first loaf on Instagram.

As well as wonderful chocolate, we have Simnel Cake, Chocolate and Ginger Cake and Hot Cross Buns to help celebrate Easter this weekend.

Puntarelle – fresh from our greenhouses. Try making a delicious salad, Puntarelle alla Romana. Crisp, fresh and a perfect appetiser before your Easter roast.

The farm will be open as usual on Friday and Saturday so you are welcome to come to the shop and buy your fruit, vegetables and bread in the normal way. For those who can make it, there will be a slightly broader range of produce available including our delicious salads, some soft fruit and berries and the wonderful cheeses we source from The Netherlands.

Of course we all have to adhere to strict social distancing rules:

  • Everyone will need to sanitize their hands before coming into the shop
  • Only one customer in the shop at any time
  • The queue (if we’re busy) will be spaced at 2m intervals (we’ll set out chairs to make this more comfortable!)
  • No cash payments will be accepted – only cards

Please note that our Sunday openings will be slightly different for the next few weeks. We will be opening from 10-12 only as we anticipate being fairly low on stock by the end of the weekend. The rest of the day will be delivery only and we will re-publishing a detailed stock list on Saturday evening to allow you to place online orders whether for morning collection or afternoon delivery.

We hope you are all keeping well and look forward seeing you or speaking to you at some point over the weekend.