Our stunning Interlaken grapes are ripe!

The second and, we hope, final week of Electricity works at the farm is underway – anticipated power cuts mean that we are unable to open tomorrow or Thursday.  Everything should be completed by Thursday PM and we will be opening for hot croissants and hand-made Mirabelle Jam at 10am on Friday morning.

Lots of delicious farm-grown produce again this week – we will have more plums, cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergine, padrons, beans, agretti, Ratte potatoes and more.  The real treat this week will be the first of our glasshouse grapes – the firm, seedless, scented Interlaken grapes.  If you haven’t tasted them yet, you should definitely venture out to see us.  They will go on for several weeks but the season is never long enough!

From the sea, we have plump sweet clams, fresh sardines, lobsters, scallops and more of the meaty cuttlefish we’ve been serving braised in its own ink on griddled polenta.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, Saturday or Sunday this week.