New boys at the farm this weekend…

After a few months absence, pigs are returning to the farm – just in time to help deal with our windfall fruit glut! Our new boys, Pedigree Saddleback boars, will be in new accommodation in the far field beyond the orchard. We have moved the pigs to give the land in the woods a rest but also so that the pigs can help us prepare the soil in the far field for future cultivation.

Over the next couple of years we aim to have pigs of several native, outdoor rare breeds to see which are the easiest to handle, which are the best “rotivators” and ultimately which yield the best pork. We will then decide on the best breed for the farm and hope to raise our own piglets.

Saddlebacks are a native British breed (actually a combination of two earlier pigs, the Wessex and Essex Saddlebacks), well suited to an outdoor life with an amiable temperament and ultimately very good pork.

We are hoping they arrive on Saturday morning so that any younger visitors (or indeed not so young!) are able to greet them over the weekend.

Lots more home grown produce this week – we will have more Mirabelles, Plums, Cucumbers, Gherkins, Tomatoes, Aubergine, Padrons, Beans of various kinds including our first Borlotti of the season, Agretti, Charlotte potatoes and much more.

Another first this week, we have Octopus on the menu in the restaurant where we will be serving it griddled with a delicious potato salad. Also on the slab, we will have Sardines, Clams, Lemon Sole, Monkfish and, for the first time in a couple of months, Wild Mussels.

Back to normal opening hours this week so we look forward to greeting you from Wednesday to Sunday whether for Croissants, Lunch or, perhaps, Dinner on Friday and Saturday evening.