Probably the best plums in the world…

The very best Plums in the world? Well … Probably!

As a great harvest for plums draws towards its close, we are in full swing picking and processing our fantastic Quetsche. Scented, tear-drop shaped, dense and piquant, Quetsche are not only delicious fresh from the tree but one of the very best for cooking. As a free-stone, the flesh falls readily away from the pit making it far easier than the Victoria to process in the kitchen and as the dense dry flesh cooks, its flavours intensify rather than melting away.

We really have had a bountiful crop of plums across the family – the Mirabelles were extraordinary, the cultivated plums were good, the Quetsche are great and the Damsons look even better. We have made jams, pickles, gins, compotes and, of course, copious amounts of Drinking Vinegar. All will be available online or in the shop.

Several of the plums also feature on our menu this week: Damsons take our Pavlova to another level, the Pickled Mirabelles are a great accompaniment to the 18 hour Roast Pork Shoulder and the Quetsche are delicious in our sweet Galette.

Do come and join us for a bite to eat or to buy some of the wonderful produce in our shop over the coming days. The whole team look forward to welcoming you for breakfast, lunch or dinner.