Pumpkins and Squash galore…

It’s the turn of our pumpkins and squash to take centre stage this week – not quite as abundant as earlier years and not, perhaps, big enough to carve lanterns, we do, nonetheless, have plenty of delicious specimens!

Some varieties ready to eat immediately – Butternut, Gem and Uchi Kuri (Onion Squash), others best cured till the new year – Hubbard, Harlequin and Crown Prince. Their thick skins were bred to enable their being kept for 6 months or more as long as they are carefully picked with stalks undamaged – very helpful for anyone with an allotment surplus! For us, the main reason to keep them is to “cure” the pumpkins – the flavour becomes more intense, sweeter and irresistible in the New Year and the texture is also improved as the pumpkins dry a little. For those unable or unwilling to delay gratification that long, we are selling smaller Crown Prince to eat immediately or in our Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry. We will also have pickled Crown Prince as part of a selection of Worton Pickles in the restaurant this weekend.

Excellent fresh fish arriving from Cornwall again on Saturday morning – we will have Cock Crabs, Plaice and Mussels for sale in the shop as wet fish or on the menu in the restaurant.

We look forward to welcoming you to the farm again this week, whether you come to shop, to breakfast, to lunch or, on Friday or Saturday, for dinner.