Second Helpings of Gastrophysics

Second … or is it third helpings of Gastrophysics as Professor Charles Spence returns to the farm to talk about his favourite subject and to enlighten us as to how our senses work .. at least in relation to food!

It should be a fantastic not to say fantastical evening as Charles talks about various subjects and I serve food to illustrate his points. There may even be the odd experiment! The eagle eyed among you may notice that the date has changed to Saturday 10th June – Charles has had to go to a conference in South America. It may be a delay but it will be to our advantage (?) as he will be able to collect supplies of some “interesting” foods to entertain us with such as Magic Berries and Fat-Bottomed Ants. Tickets are available by clicking here

Before that we have another May Bank Holiday – the larders are stocked, the shop is bursting and Philippa has made some stunning flower displays. We have Lemon Sole, Crab, Cuttlefish and Monkfish from Cornwall, lots of fresh greens from the glasshouses and, lots more Saddleback Pork as some of our boys made the trip to Long Compton last week.

We also have lots of new arrivals – 20 new Saddleback piglets born in the last seven days – so cute and playful, they are definitely worth a visit if you are coming to the farm.