Such beautiful Dahlias!

So that’s it! Meteorologic summer ended today with cool autumnal showers!

On the other hand, though the weather has been changeable and we’ve had plenty of rain, overall the records show that its been warmer than average. That’s not how it’s felt to most of us but the growth on the farm reflects this – the greenery and the flowers are abundant. The warm, and not infrequently, wet weather has been a boon for Philippa and her team of gardeners. The borders are lush, generous, green and colourful and then there are the stunning Dahlias. Rich, jewel-like blooms across the Cutting Garden and a spectacular vista from the Glasshouse if it’s too cool or damp to dine outside! The table displays (as above) are stunning and there are beautiful bunches for sale in the shop.

Not such good news for those plants that want strong sunshine. The nightshades – tomatoes, peppers and aubergines – are all growing healthily and setting lots of fruits but for the most part they remain green and unripe! Let’s hope there’s some more settled sunny weather on the way!

The fruits that have really enjoyed this year most are the plum family. We have had perhaps our best year ever for Mirabelles – lots still on the menu whether as jam with your morning croissant or decorating our super-indulgent Pavlova or, indeed, pickled as a sauce served with the 18 hour Roast Pork Shoulder on Sunday. We are also picking large numbers of our various cultivated plums with the best of all, The Quetsche, almost ripe in the orchard – the first should be picked next week. Towards the end of the month, we will be harvesting a generous crop of damsons.

The steady stream of seafood from Cornwall continues again this week with Plaice, Cock Crab and Hake – we have a delivery scheduled for Saturday morning. Also returning to the menu is Cuttlefish – meltingly tender, slow-cooked Cuttlefish in an unctuous sauce of its own ink on grilled Polenta – if you haven’t tasted this before, I really recommend it!

The whole team look forward to greeting you over the weekend – tables are still available for lunch across the weekend and for dinner on Saturday – click below to book.