Sweet and Plump – lots of Cornish Lobsters this weekend …

Many of you have noticed changes at the farm this year…

In the garden, our new team of Anna, Johnny and Philippa have wrought a transformation. Our long borders bear wondrous testament to their work throughout the year.

On the farming side, the addition of Made to the team of Arnald, Jairo and Fransisco has accelerated our move towards Regenerative Agroeclogy – a commitment to zero- or very low-tillage farming as we endeavour to build soil biodiversity, carbon sequestration and its associated nutrient dense fruit and vegetables. Many more features on this over the coming months.

On the structural side, we have started, this week, to move towards what we hope will be a richer ecological approach – Dave our new tree surgeon has started layering the hedgerows around the farm. This long term project aims to transform most of our hedgerows into wildlife friendly, traditional hedgerows – densely packed hedges great for keeping deer out but also providing shelter for smaller mammals, insects and birds. You can inspect progress to date on the west side of the main field if you are heading towards the Orchard and our new Piggery.

The home grown harvest continues to be abundant – we will have more Mirabelles, Plums, Cucumbers, Gherkins, Tomatoes, Aubergine, Padrons, Beans of various kinds including our first Borlotti of the season, Agretti, Charlotte potatoes and much more.

On the seafood side we have Hake again after a few weeks away together with Octopus, Lobsterr, Plaice and Mackerel.

More staffing issues this weekend so unfortunately the Restaurant will be closed on Sunday. We will have the shop open and should have lots of produce for sale including bread, cakes and croissants – we look forward to greeting you over the coming days.