We’re back from our Mid-Winter Break

Welcome Back!

The whole team here at the farm are delighted to be back preparing delicious foods for you again this weekend. Although this properly cold weather is causing difficulties for our pipes and sprinklers and, indeed, the team working in the fields, the weather is perfect for the soil – purging some of the pests, helping to breakdown the organic mulches on the raised beds and vernalising plants such as the garlics. The bright clear sunlight not only lifts our spirits but helps to trigger our 20,000 flower bulbs to send shoots up in preparation for the spring.

So the shop and restaurant will be fully open from 10am tomorrow morning – the dough for the first Sourdough Croissants of the year has just been mixed and all is set to welcome you. For the rest of January and February we will be opening from Weds to Sunday and from 10am-4pm. No evening openings until March though we are currently looking to arrange concerts and talks for a new series of Worton Nights and we will open for private evening functions on request – do get in touch if you have an special birthday or anniversary on the horizon.
This week’s menu is listed below – we have lots of succulent pork from our Saddlebacks, plenty of fresh pickles (Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Borscht, Carrot and Turmeric and more) and, of course, we have just taken delivery of some glistening fresh fish from Cornwall. As well as plump Plaice, we have Sardines, Hake and Scallops on the menu and in the shop.

We do hope to see you over the next few days