Puddings, Pies, Piccalilli and Pigs!

Our first foray into the delights of Saddleback pork this week – far less fatty than the Oxford Sandy and Black X pigs from the Spring, the first two of our summer boys have just returned and are looking really good. Dark, purple almost wild boar-like meat available as Country Sausages in the shop or Grilled Brisket Steaks in the restaurant. The rest of the meat is either Dry Curing for Bacon (do come and try our homemade Bacon Sandwiches on Boxing Day morning!) or Wet Curing for the hams we will be serving in the restaurant between Christmas and New Year.

Lots of new produce/products in the shop this week. Whether you join us in person, Click and Collect or book a delivery, all the slots are open for this week and next. You can choose from fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables (sprouts or sprout tops perhaps, organic Lychees from Madagascar or Roman Puntarelle), delicious bakery items or Christmas goodies like Elisa Acton’s Christmas Puddings, our signature Quince Pies or just a jar of Quincemeat to make your on pies.

We have been busy chopping, pickling and brining for the last couple of months and are delighted with the produce which is just reaching perfection now. Our Pickled Onions and Shallots make a welcome return alongside Picalilli and our spiky Kimchi and Sauerkraut – all of the above would be great accompaniments to Christmas CheeseBoards or served with our fresh, Country Sausages.

A few more Hen Crabs up from the Cornish pots this week together with Monkfish, Squid, Plaice and glistening white Hake steaks.

We look forward to welcoming you over the coming days… Obviously there are lots of reasons for anxiety at the moment so we wanted to assure you that we will do all we can to keep you safe whilst you are at the farm. All the team in the shop will continue to wear face masks. In the restaurant we will keep the tables well spaced out and well cleaned between bookings – we will also open the doors regularly to keep the ventilation good – anyone who has visited the greenhouse over the last chilly month will be fully aware that it could not really be called airtight! For those of you who visit over the festive period, we will do all we can to extend a warm and safe welcome.