First of the Season Radishes

It’s always a sign that Spring is here when we pull the first Radishes in the Glasshouse. Often under-rated, there is little better than the very first Radishes of the season – fresh, crisp and with a peppery warmth you can eat them straight from the ground just as they are.  In the restaurant we will be serving just picked Radishes with a knob of rich Devon butter and flakes of Maldon Sea Salt …. just perfect!.  

A reminder that we are open again in the evenings on Friday and Saturdays throughout the year.  Some of you have already booked tables for this weekend but there are still some available for tomorrow and Saturday.  As we have the longer evening and a “promise” of sun for the weekend, the early sittings at 6 or 6.30pm should be quite magical….

Despite the dire weather in the Channel, we have managed to secure some great Cod from Scotland and a little Sea Bass – Ceviche is back by popular request.  We also have more of the really plump. sweet St Austell Mussels which we will once again serve as Moules Marinieres.  I’ve doubled the amount we are having delivered tomorrow morning in the hope that we have enough to get through the whole weekend!

Finally, apologies to those who missed out on sausages last week – we made a new batch of Spicy Tuscan Fennel on Tuesday so there are fresh sausages in the shop again.

The whole team look forward to welcoming you over the coming days