Marmalade Galore!!

Since last summer’s glut of fruit and vegetables, every spare moment in the kitchen has been spent pickling, preserving and bottling. Starting with the wild and wildly pro-biotic Kimchi, Sauerkraut and Borscht, we moved on to making Piccalilli and Chutneys to serve with our pork dishes and cheese boards. As the Autumn progressed we also made drinking vinegars, jams and conserves. Finally, over the last few weeks we have been making marmalades with the bitter oranges from Seville. All of the above will be on sale in the shop this weekend and the Marmalades – both the Tawny and the Seville Orange and Ginger – will also be available in the restaurant served either with toast or your sourdough croissants.
Unfortunately there are storms in the Channel so limited supplies again this week but we have managed to secure Plaice, Sardines, Scallops and Monkfish.

Although we have no more sausages available for sale in the shop, we do have some wonderful Pork dishes on the menu this weekend: Chorizo with Chickpeas, Spicy Szechuan Ribs, Porchetta with Lentils and Braised Endive and Crackling with Apple Sauce as a starter. From Sunday, we will also be serving unctuous Rillettes with Rye Toast and our spicy Worton Chutney.

We do hope to see you over the coming days