More and more flowers from the garden..

The beauty keeps on coming… lots more flowers in the garden, the shop and, as above, decorating the tables in the restaurant!

Not only flowers of course, the whole farm is springing to life and, for the first time this year the question in the kitchen has not been “How do we find enough of our own produce to cook?” but, rather, “What do we leave off the menu?” So in the restaurant, we will have lots of our own produce: Calcots, Cime Di Rapa, Weeds from the Yard, Puntarella, Mixed Primavera Salad, an abundance of herbs and, for the first time in 2023, fresh Radishes. The latter picked each morning and served naked, crisp and peppery, complete with their milder but still very tasty leaves. Also new this week we have Worton Duck Egg Shakshuka – a real treat of creamy Duck Eggs baked in a slightly spicy tomato and pepper sauce served with Primavera salad and crispy bread.

Although supplies are running down, we do still have some Middlewhite Pork available this week – some frozen meat if you want to cook at home – Legs, Shoulders and Belly. In the restaurant we have Brawn, Ham Hock and 24hr Roast Shoulder (Sunday Only). For those who are visiting this week, why not walk through our nascent wildflower meadow to inspect the pigs who have now all moved on to a fresh meadow – they are very happy to be out of the winters deep mud and to be, once again, foraging their own food!

As if that weren’t enough, we have glistening fresh fish up from Cornwall – Lemon Sole, Hake and Mackerel will be available for sale in the shop or cooked to perfection in the restaurant.

The whole team look forward to greeting you again over the coming days.